This week it is a Saturday List: Top SciFi

In the summer, NPR put out a list of the top 100 Science Fiction books. Note that some of the items are actually SciFi series. I’ve done a quick count and I’ve read 23 items on the list. I’ve heard of many of the books, and I own quite a few that I haven’t read just yet. I’ve also started into a series or two that I didn’t count as I am not yet finished.

I’m slightly bemused by the inclusion of The Time Traveller’s Wife on this list, though time travel is generally part of the SciFi genre. I’m also disappointed that none of Guy Gavriel Kay’s works made the top 100. Possibly he isn’t well known enough in the USA?

Happy browsing and deciding which SFF book to read next. Or possibly to try first!



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3 responses to “This week it is a Saturday List: Top SciFi

  1. Christine

    Thiry-four. I didn’t count The Silmarillion which I only got about a third of the way through; in fact, I’ve yet to meet anybody who’s managed to finish the whole thing…

    • 31. Ditto on The Silmarillion. I’m also a bit bemused…but not by Niffenegger. More by the Jordan series as a single entry. I think if you’ve read it (I’ve not), you should probably get a pass on the rest of the list.

      First list I’ve seen so Gaiman & Pratchett heavy – that makes me happy!

  2. Andrea SB

    I’m at 43ish.

    Why are so many of these series so completely incomprehensible?

    Ie. The Foundation Trilogy (and yet I keep reading…), The Book of the New Sun, The later Dune Chronicals, and not on the list, Gormenghast

    I mean really, I’m not a dumb person. But seriously, the point? Lots of other writers have them, why not these ones?

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