Sunday Lists: Lists to disagree with

I’ve been on the hunt for this week’s lists. I found the website for 1001 X you must Y before you die, where X and Y depend on each other — books to read, movies to watch, trips to take, etc. The list for 1001 Books can be made visible in a nice searchable chart, so you can look up, for example, which of Dostoevsky’s books they think are essential. Or Atwood. Or Austen. You get the picture. You can also cruise through the whole list. I completely disagree with the Byatt selection. The Sayers selection is ok, but I’m not sure about the Dostoevsky selection. You’ll have to look and tell me what you think.

On the same site you can access the list for 1001 Children’s books. This is organized by age and publication date. Interestingly Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass made both the Adult list and the Children’s list. Hmm. Also The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime  is on the Children’s list — in the oldest category mind, but still. I think someone got their categories confused.

I also dipped into the movies list. There are loads of lists to play with and disagree with here, so I’ll just leave you to it.


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