On the Second Day of Christmas…

Yesterday I began the 12 Days of Christmas song-fest with some puppets and a person. Today we continue with talking animals who mostly sing the original lyrics.

Talking Animals Sing 12 Days

The year-end round-ups have begun — top news stories, best sports plays, top 2011 _____, where the blank can be filled in with almost anything. Because this is a blog about books, I’ll do a top reads of 2011 list. I’m afraid I’m rather reluctant to do this before the year ends. Why? Because I might read something in the next 4 days that is better than anything else I’ve read yet this year! Because I’ll mostly be reading fiction in the next four days (holidays), I’ll begin by looking at the non-fiction reads of 2011.

This year I didn’t read a lot of non-fiction that stood out as Really Good. That’s not to say that it was all bad or uninteresting or unimportant. I used the word “Dense” a lot in my notes. This doesn’t mean dense as in stupid, but dense as in packed with stuff, lots of ideas per page. Dense books are often difficult to read the first time, but make more sense the second time through. I can’t say whether this is the case for any of the books on my list this year as I’ve not yet re-read them. It does mean that I’ll award the  “Densest Book of 2011”  to one of the books.

I’m still thinking of other awards I’ll give out. I think that “Most Personally Helpful” and “Most likely to be Passed Out To Others” will be awarded. I’m not sure if I’ll give a “Most likely to be gotten rid of before I move” title to any of the non-fiction I read this year. I’ll have to look again. There may yet be something in that category. Look for the “Densest Book of 2011” award, to be announced tomorrow.

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