On the 8th Day: Preliminary Stats on 2011 Reading

To begin, a little song for the 8th Day of Christmas:

and some parts for a Mustang GT

As previously noted, I review my reading as a first task of the New Year. Some stats from 2011:

Books Read 107 (that is 8.92/month and 2.06/week) trending down from 2010.

Fiction Read: 84/107 (78.5% of books read are fiction) vs 95/134 (70.9%) for 2010

Non-fiction Read: 23/107 (21.5%) vs 29/134 (29.1%) for 2010 (in case you can’t do the math ;-))

It seems there was a slight escapist trend in 2011. I did have a disappointing run in non-fiction as mentioned last week, so that may mean I read those books more slowly than usual.

Happy Monday of a long weekend and Rose Bowl Parade Day! Off to watch some parading on TV.


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