Day 9: Back to Work (sigh…)

In celebration of going back to work, a song from people who don’t think much of yesterday’s song:

Real Redneck 12 Days

In reviewing my 2011 reads, I found one more stat for you: 11/107 (10.3%) books read were re-reads. I’ve not actually counted this before, so I can’t compare, but my gut says this is lower than some years.

In the summer I read two really amusing books which also ended up having a rather less frivolous ending than one might have expected. Freddy and Fredericka by Mark Helprin (published 2005) was extremely funny but also thought-provoking by the end. The title characters are the heir of the throne of Britain and his wife. Clearly, though history has been changed in the book (no abdication for one thing), the characters are based upon People We Know. Freddy is particularly clueless and has to prove himself worthy of the throne by conquering America. Nope, not kidding. For real. Read it. You will enjoy it.

The other (mostly) amusing book I read was Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. Niffenegger’s first book (The Time Traveler’s Wife) was primarily a romance with a backdrop of fantasy (time travel, thus not in this world!). I’m not sure how to classify Her Fearful Symmetry at all. Humorous Horror is perhaps the best I can do. (Niffenegger seems to have that whole genre-bending thing down cold.) Let’s just say that HFS is about twins taking up an inheritance from their aunt, who is their mother’s (estranged) twin. Oh the oddities of this book, not least the ending. Do read it and tell me what you think, because I’m still not sure what I think. By the way, have you seen Niffenegger’s art? Also odd, yet appealing. Like this book.

The thing I liked about these books was the tone the authors used. They are both very tongue-in-cheek. Lovely. This is not LOL or ROTFL sort of stuff, it is rather more subtle than that. Possibly if you aren’t into the add-water-and-stir sort of humour, you may not find these funny or appealing. Just a warning.


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