Day 10: Here Be Dragons

The first gift in today’s version of the 12 Days of Christmas, featuring the characters from Shrek, is

A Dragon!

What fun. Today is also the first time the featured song fits with what I’m writing about. Good thing I finally got my act together.

Dragons were a bit of a theme in my reading in 2011. I started off the year by reading the first three of Anne McCaffrey’s Pern books, Dragonflight, Dragonquest, and The White Dragon. In the summer I read a memoir called Chasing the Dragon about a woman who lived in Hong Kong and started a drug rehab ministry there. “Chasing the Dragon” is a Cantonese slang term that refers to aspects of using heroin/opium. Then in the fall I read the first four books of George R.R. Martin’s “Song of Fire and Ice” series — and there are many dragon stories and dragon bones and dragon eggs in that series. The fifth book (as yet I haven’t read it) even has a dragon in the title. I admit that the title dragon was one reason I picked up the series.

I started 2011 thinking I’d read more about dragons than I did. Why you might ask. Good question. The best answer I can give at this point is research. Huh? Yep. Research. Not sure what exactly will come of the dragon research, but there it is, I’m doing research into dragons. Got any book recommendations? Movies?

I haven’t yet seen the movie about training your dragon, nor have I read Inheritance yet, those are both on my list of dragon-research-related tasks. One of my questions in this research is are dragons good or evil? Or, are dragons ambivalent and it depends on their context whether they are good or evil? Is there a strong tradition of dragons=evil? If so, how has this shifted so that dragons are now sometimes good? You may think these are ridiculous questions, or, you may have some interesting opinions. Feel free to opine away. That is what the comments are for.



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2 responses to “Day 10: Here Be Dragons

  1. The Constant Reader

    There’s about a 10-book series by Gordon R. Dickson that starts with The Dragon and the George (“George” being the dragons’ generic name for humans). It starts off with a graduate student being transported into the body of a dragon in an alternate fantasy England…. and goes on, as books do. Rather silly but quite enjoyable.

  2. Mercedes Lackey has at least one series including dragons…there’s even a form of dragon called a bookwyrm. Guess what it hoards? I know I’ve read other dragon books this year but I’d have to go back and check authors and titles…I don’t keep a list like you do. There are some books classed as YF that I like that fit here. And don’t forget Tolkien’s dragons, which fall into the evil category.

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