My 80th Post – By Request

This post is not about books, but about a party. I’m not actually sure what I’m going to say here, but one of my brothers requested a blog post about tonight. So just for him, I’m posting. Plus we are in the middle of the Alphabet Series, so a small diversion is nice. Also this is my 80th blog post. So to celebrate, a post about a party.

I said above that one of my brothers requested this post. I have three brothers. You’ve met two of them if you are a careful reader of this blog. RestorationArchitectBrother (RABro) and YoungestBrother (YBro) both gave me books for Christmas and got mentioned in that context. The third brother is MontrealBrother (MBro). RABro is the brother I grew up knowing in our AFamily. MBro, YBro, and I share genes, but not much history to this point. They are part of 1Family, and I met them a little under a year ago. We are working on the shared history. Shared history is part of what this post is all about.

MBro told me tonight that he enjoyed what I said about Russian Criminal Tattoos back when I gave Volume 3 to YBro for Christmas. As I left the party we all attended, he said (rather loudly) “Hey, write a blog post about tonight!” So here it is, even if MBro doesn’t remember the request — and I’m not at all sure he will.

This evening 1Mom co-hosted an engagement party for the son of one of her close friends, the kind of friend who is included in family events. The groom also went to grade school with MBro. Though I’m a late arrival to 1Fam, I was included in the invitation to the party and happily went. MBro, his gf, and I hung out a bit and we all wondered where YBro was. So did 1Mom. An hour and a half into the party, MBro called YBro. YBro had people at his house, so he brought his party with him to 1Mom’s party. Let’s just say that the dress code at YBro’s party was much more casual than at 1Mom’s party. Things Got Interesting when YBro’s party arrived. If Looks Could Kill might be a title for a representation of scenes that ensued. The gentlemen from YBro’s party hit the buffet in short order, then found places to stand close to the bucket of beer next to the bar. The volume of the party went up a few decibels. Vodka was available at the bar, and shots were done. More beer. Champagne (for toasts). Vodka. Many things became very funny. My brothers and their entourage took up convenient chairs next to the buffet table so they could graze at the food while they quenched their thirst. They were still ensconced in these chairs when I left. I wished 1Mom best of luck cleaning up around the barbarians in the dining room and took to the icy road.

Shared history is part of what makes a family. I’m building up shared history with 1Fam, and tonight certainly added a new chapter to it.




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5 responses to “My 80th Post – By Request

  1. The Constant Reader

    Ah, H, I love this.

  2. J

    Every xFam (at least in my experience) has at least one story to tell such as this. However, I give you credit for doing it with a wit an style that is uniquely exceptional.

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