is for Quest.

Lots of stories are about quests. If you google “quest narrative” you’ll find lots of advice on identifying and/or writing a quest story. In quest stories Our Hero[ine] goes on a journey to find something and return with it. The Lord of the Rings is an obvious quest story. There Our Hero goes on a journey to get rid of an object, but it is all the same kind of thing. Journey + goal = quest.

I like reading quest books when I find them. I don’t think I intentionally go looking for them. I don’t set out to find a Quest Narrative to read after I finish a murder mystery. If I happen upon a book and as I read it I think “Quest!” I’m perfectly happy to continue reading. Eragon and the books that follow it are Quest books. That is a Quest Series. (I’ll say more about series and sequels later in the week.) I remember reading Eragon and when I got to the end of the first book I thought — hah, the Quest is not yet over, there will be more! And there was more.

Do you like Quest Books? What other Quest books have you read? Any suggestions?

In other news, Q can also stand for Queen. Today is the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s ascension to the throne. In three and a half years, she’ll catch Queen Victoria for longest reigning British monarch. Is that a quest?



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3 responses to “Questing

  1. Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry!

  2. I enjoy reading quests quite a bit. And the ones I read tend to be in series. I like long series, exploring new places in the fictional world.

  3. Thalia

    I think most of my childhood was spent reading quest like books. Gerald Gurrel was a favourite of me and my dad and he was always questing for bizarre species in the most hilarious fashion. Most young adult fantasy is questish and that’s practically all I read. I do enjoy a good quest!

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