Ain’t no hearts and flowers here.

Lookit that scary skeleton frightening the guy on the horse. V could be for Violence. I don’t usually go for Violent books, though I do read murder mysteries, spy stories, and war books. Instead of Violence we’ll go with Variety.

V is for Variety.

I like variety in my reading. Sometimes I go on an author binge, but then I can’t read the person for some time after that. It’s like having the same thing for dinner all the time. A little variety goes a long way. I also don’t read the same genre all the time. Some Science Fiction should be mixed with some Mystery or Historical Fiction or some other kind of book. Variety is the spice of life, to use a cliche.

In the Various books I read, I have read a little about Vampires. The Constant Reader hoped I didn’t read Vampire books when she suggested that V could stand for Vampire. But I’ve read some. Recently. I read the first five Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris. “True Blood,” the HBO Vampire series, is based on the Sookie Stackhouse books. While Harris’s books tend to the comic, they have a bit too much of the gruesome in them for me to continue to read them. I found the first five in a local used book shop (big surprise to all of you I realize) and they were ok, but not good enough for me to look for more. I’ve never watched the show, so I can’t comment on that. Sookie and Vampire mysteries with a surreal comic edge have added to the Variety of books I’ve read over the last six months.

My Neighbour suggested that V could stand for Victorious, as in Oh Sweet Victory, I’ve finished this book which was a real slog to get through. In the Various books I read, I do encounter books that require a battle to finish, and, at times, I feel Victorious when they are finished. Most often when I finish a tough read, though, I don’t feel Victorious, rather I feel Vindicated. Possibly Valourous. Maybe Vindictive. Even Virtuous. Such a Variety of V-feelings to choose from after Valiantly battling through to the end of a difficult book. A lot of the theology I read has a Valiant battle aspect to it. Some of the non-fiction I read is poorly written and edited. I’ve complained about that before (Vindictive). Other times, the book may be reasonably well written, but the ideas are dense on the page and one must creep slowly through the tangle of thoughts and try to grasp the pattern of the whole. It can be rewarding to do so and the end result is positive (Victory! Virtue! Valour!).

What Various Virtuous Volumes are you reading these days? Oh, that reminds me. It seems that The Great Divorce should climb to the top of my TBR pile. It comes next, after Started Early, Took My Dog, which, so far, is Atkinson at her edgy and odd best.



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2 responses to “Ain’t no hearts and flowers here.

  1. Andrea

    Speaking of vampires, have you read “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova? I think you might like it. I found it an engrossing read, for sure.

    • Totally have, and also enjoyed. That was a Vampire book I can recommend. The TPL recommended to me — they had a thing last year where you posted three books you like on their fb page and the library came back with recommendations for your next great read. They got it right.

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