A Time to Mourn

Since Ash Wednesday I’ve been to a wedding reception and two funerals. Yesterday another family member died and this weekend I’m attending another wedding. Death is winning this lenten season, but there’s some celebration mixed in.

I’m still figuring out this whole grief thing. It is different every time someone dies, because each person had a different relationship with me and with others around me. The three deaths in the past four weeks have all touched me differently. None of them were completely unexpected deaths, but even those can be tough to take. Sometimes the most expected death can be most difficult. Every death is an ending. A life is concluded. Retrospectives and evaluations happen. Things left unfinished are mourned. Places are empty around the table.

Yet, through the history of the church, death has been understood as the final healing. So we grieve for those missing from our lives, but we also rejoice that they are finally healed. I rejoice in the final healing of David, Buff, and Frank.

And we look for the resurrection of the dead.

In all this sorrow there is also joy, the rejoicing that comes in celebrating a wedding. The Constant Reader is taking a break from books and getting married tomorrow. I’m sure it will be a good party and I’m looking forward to it. Oh and the Peace Pastor’s (jubilee) birthday is today! Another reason to celebrate.


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