Lenten Reading

I planned to read a bit more non-fiction during Lent. I had some devotional sorts of books in my to-be-read pile. I’ve read some of them. You may recall that I mentioned a book on virtues that I was reading right around Ash Wednesday. The only other book I’ve read that I’ve got anything to say about is Mudhouse Sabbath by Lauren F. Winner.

This isn’t the first time I’ve read Mudhouse Sabbath, but it is the first time I’ve read a copy of the book that I own, not just the library copy. I enjoyed the book a lot the first time I read it, and the second reading did not disappoint. In Mudhouse Sabbath, Winner reflects on spiritual practices, particularly Jewish spiritual practices that she stopped or changed when she became a Christian. The book begins with a discussion of the Sabbath and ends with a reflection on doorposts. Winner notes that there are aspects of Jewish spiritual practice she misses. What she has attempted to do in this book is highlight some of the essence of some Jewish spiritual practice and describe ways she has found of continuing the essential aspects of the practice in her own life.

Mudhouse Sabbath is a quick read. I found it helpful as a reminder to move toward intentional living, toward making choices for how I shape my days, weeks, months, and years, choices that reflect spiritual reality.


In other news, you may remember that I was thinking about The Women on Monday. My colleague Ian wrote a blog post giving his perspective on the theology pub night that prompted those musings.


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