Vocation, or More Thinking in Holy Week

Lately I’ve been involved in a couple of different discussions about vocation. I also think a lot about my own vocation, as in I wonder what it is. To clarify, by vocation, I mean work that I feel called to do for the kingdom of God. This does NOT always mean typical ministry work for a church or parachurch organization, nor does it necessarily mean working for a non-profit or things like that. There’s a guy who went to the same seminary I did and he feels his vocation is running a burger joint in Toronto and doing that really well. He’s made the news. A book excerpt in Christianity Today online also talks about vocation in a non-ministry context really well. So I’m intrigued by this. I’m also being asked to think about this by people who are thinking about or who have left their ministry jobs. I’m just going to throw a bunch of questions out there and maybe they’ll prompt some response. Or just prompt thought.

– is vocation for life?

– how does vocation relate to one’s job (work that one is paid to do)?

– how do you know what your vocation is? What kind of questions help you find direction for a particular time or place?

– how does vocation relate to spiritual gifts? How does vocation relate to training?



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2 responses to “Vocation, or More Thinking in Holy Week

  1. Neighbour

    With regards to spiritual gifts vs. training, I used to have a dichotomy in my mind: I am trained in a certain field; therefore, my ability/giftedness (such as it is) in this field are not spiritual. I now believe that it’s my attitude that makes my service (using my gifts/abilities) spiritual or otherwise.

  2. i don’t think i’ve stopped thinking about this (vocation, that is) in the past couple years. I heard a quote by Howard Thurman recently that made me stop and rethink a lot of my previous thoughts …
    ‘Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs in people who have come alive.’

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