Observations on Good Friday

Observed this week #1: Overcrowding at the cheese factory outlet store at the end of my street. The last three mornings when I left for work there was a line-up to get into the place, down the steps and onto the sidewalk. Who is buying all this cheese for Easter weekend? Where does it fit into the menu?

Observed this week #2: Rabbit in the meat department at the grocery store. Someone is eating the Easter bunny. It isn’t me, though the last time I ate rabbit I liked it.

Observed this week #3: Sometimes it seems like we get stuck in Good Friday and forget to move toward Easter Sunday. Friday has all this interesting dramatic visual imagery and Sunday has a mysteriously empty tomb. Do we get stuck on the things we can see and forget to engage the unseen as well?

We’re waiting, waiting in the darkness, waiting for the light.



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2 responses to “Observations on Good Friday

  1. The Constant Reader

    I was going to guess the E. Orthodox buying up all the cheese in preparation from being released from their lenten fast… but then, their Easter is the week after ours, so maybe not.

    Perhaps a pre-Easter cheese sale? Rumours of an impending cheese tariff? Did they all lose (or win!) a bet? Something more sinister?

  2. It happens every year. It looks like maybe Portugal or Italy is well represented in the line.

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