Quiet Reading Days

I like days where I’ve got nothing much planned but reading. Today is the second day in a row where this is the case. Of course there are other things to do (laundry, cooking, dishes, etc) but mostly the day is for reading. It is Saturday, so some of this reading will be a local newspaper, and some time will be spent on the puzzle page of that newspaper. I took a book out of the library on Thursday because I unexpectedly finished the book I had with me for the day, and needed some other reading material to last me until I got home. (Yes, I’m an addict, and this can be seen as abnormal behaviour.) Anyhow this emergency book from the library turns out to be pretty interesting so far. I’ve got a pile of mysteries stacked up, lent to me by the Restless Teacher. And I’ve got my large to-be-read piles scattered through the apartment on the floor and other convenient surfaces.

But, how much time will I take for thinking on this planned quiet day? You may recall I mentioned my love of ambient silence the other day. In that post I also noted that I don’t often use the ambient silence to still the voices in my head. As noted above, I often resort to books to quiet the voices, or turn them to some other task. Today is a vigil day, though, so I want to take some time to listen to the voices rather than drown them out. Maybe then they’ll be quiet.

In the quiet will I hear God speak?


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  1. Yes. He says, “Read Ian’s book on Augustine…” 🙂

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