Top 100 Books – for Men?

While roaming the internet looking at 100-books-people-should-read lists, I found one for men. Remember that my score is 15% on the Telegraphs list for everyone, and I have 5 of their books on my shelves to be read soon. On the list for men, my score is 11%, and I’ve got 4 that are on my shelf or that I’m in the process of reading right now. Oh and 2 that I’m not sure I’ve read as they aren’t on my list of books I’ve read, but I might have read them in the dim & distant past before I started writing down what I read. Further, I recognized far more titles on the 100 essential books for men than I did on the Telegraph’s list. And the list for men includes books by women! including a medieval woman! It is an enlightened list to be sure. It does make me wonder more about the Telegraph’s list — who made the list? Why those books? At least the manly-men list gave reasons. To be clear, I probably read the books on that list for other reasons than they provide. Also, to be fair, the manly-men list is not all novels like the Telegraph list — there are non-fiction books included. It is a North American list (as far as I can tell), so I still wonder if the Telegraph list is just a bit too British for this Canadian.

For more fun and games, or to see how unliterary I really am, I also went through the Modern Library lists. These two lists — one made by the editorial board of the series, and the other as voted by readers — are for everyone, not just men.  (At least that is the theory.) The board and I don’t see eye-to-eye on reading at all with my lowest score yet, 6 read, 3 on the to-be-read pile. The readers and I get on much better (though I strongly object to the number of L. Ron Hubbard books on the list, was the voting stacked?), 18 read, 6 on the to be read list.

Even with the reader’s list, I’m not scoring that well, though that may be because I refuse to read L. Ron Hubbard.

Next I tried the BBC Big Read list which is the top 100 answers to the question “What is your favourite book?” Best Ever Result! 34 read, 7 to be read. Hey, maybe that’s it. What people actually read and say is their favourite is not the same as what Literary Experts THINK we should read. Hmmm…

In other news, I’d still like people to tell me the top ten books they’d say other people should read based on the criteria I set last week.



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2 responses to “Top 100 Books – for Men?

  1. The Constant Reader

    Men’s — 25/100
    BBC — 59/100 (largely thanks to all the children’s lit)
    Modern (Board) — 18/100
    Modern (Readers) — 33/10 (largely thanks to all the sci-fi)

  2. Alice

    Men’s 32/100
    BBC – 52/100
    Modern (Board) 14/100
    Modern (Readers) 32/100

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