The Dreaded Non-Reading Weekend

I’ve just had a non-reading weekend. Why no books? Wedding rehearsal, wedding, day at camp. There was a little socializing with a friend between the rehearsal and the wedding, lots of socializing at the wedding and at camp, but I had very little time to just chill and read. I did look at the newspaper, but can’t really say I read most of it. I read headlines. I did a puzzle, and I looked at pictures. Ok, I read an article about the food critic who is retiring.

Now I’m on the brink of a new work-week with lots of new experiences, and I’m really quite tired. This could be due to the highly social weekend I’ve had plus the fact that I’m an Introvert (with a capital I!) and gain energy from time spent alone. And I’ve not had time to sit quietly at all, and certainly no time to lose myself in a good book, something I definitely gain energy from. I’d better plan to get some reading time in tomorrow then, hadn’t I?


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