Looking at my To Be Read Piles

Really, it is more of a to-be-read bookcase. Only the books are not in a bookcase, they are piled every which way on all available surfaces in my apartment. When new surface area opens up, a pile of books takes root and grows. What with the free book in the mail and the books I found at the used bookshop on my way home from work today, the piles continue to grow. So much to read!

In exciting book-find news, I found a copy of The Hunger Games in the used bookshop today. Three copies actually. This does not bode well — it means people read the book and dumped it. It isn’t a keeper in their eyes anyhow. Ah well, I’m intrigued, so I’m going to read it. Yes, I’ve been caught in the hype. No spoilers please!

Also found at the used bookshop, Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin (who I liked before and found prophetic) and Dark Matter by Philip Kerr, which looks interesting because Isaac Newton is a character. I’m always slightly skeptical of historical characters as book characters, but also intrigued at the same time. Newton had so many bits to his career that he can morph into a lot of things. We’ll see what Kerr does. All this reading (and much more beside) will have to wait for a bit as I’m teaching the next two days. Back to prep!


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