Free Books! Part 2

Remember my debate about getting an ereader? An iPad has the capability of being an e-reader, and I got one of those. In the iTunes/iBook store, there are free books! Also I’m going to figure out how to borrow e-books from the library today. It is all very exciting. I’ll report on the reading experience. So far I’m happy about the free books! I haven’t done any serious reading, and I’m not sure that will happen for at least a week, maybe longer. Why? Because I’m too busy playing with features and figuring out important things like which apps and games I “need.” Once the Wow Cool factor diminishes, I’m sure I’ll have things to say.


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  1. Spaz2day

    When my mom figured out she could borrow an e-book from the library – she was very excited. But she wanted to know how long she could keep it before she had to “take it back”. She realized right away she must have said something wrong from the confused look on my face. She actually thought she had to take the reader to the library to have it loaded and removed. thought I’d share the chuckle!

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