Hunger Games

I read The Hunger Games. I enjoyed the book a lot. On a first read, I don’t catch every little thing I totally love or hate about a book, but here are some overall impressions.

The point-of-view character was interesting, and the story stayed with her all the way. This is a strength of the book, I think. Lots of writers get sloppy with their p.o.v. decisions (in my humble opinion) and Collins didn’t. (J.K. Rowling is another who doesn’t get sloppy with p.o.v. — everything except the first chapter of all but the second book, Harry sees and experiences.) Collins gives us the world of the story through Katniss’s eyes and understanding.

The setting was interesting. It was different enough from now, yet with enough connection to current North America that you could mostly get the setting. I didn’t feel like the setting information or descriptions felt forced. It helped that Katniss was experiencing and seeing some of the setting for the first time.

The plot line kept me reading, even though it was basically “Survivor” ramped up to the nth degree. I haven’t read the second and third book yet, so I don’t know where the whole thing goes, but there are some interesting possibilities with the love-interests and the political line. I’m intrigued and will keep on reading.

It is a pretty quick read. I’d recommend it. I’m not yet sure whether it deserves all the hype, but it is worth a look, and I plan to give it a second reading at some point in the future.


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  1. Phebe

    Be sure to watch the movie, too, at some point. I recommend holding off on watching it until after you’ve finished all three books.
    Personally, I liked the third book best because the characters were more well developed by then.

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