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I mentioned Mark Helprin before in my post on comedy and prophecy. I’m reading another book by Helprin. He is becoming a favoured author. One cannot read his books too quickly. The one I’m presently reading Winter’s Tale features New York City and a white horse with certain special abilities. The book is slightly surreal, as was Freddy and Fredericka which I read before. The surreality is part of the appeal. But in all the surreality, Helprin also makes some statements about society. And about philosophy too. I thought of the mis-communication that was a constant theme in F&F when I read about language and the ability most of us have of communicating with one another most of the time in a philosophy book recently. I wondered to myself whether Helprin was making a comment on deconstructionists and people of that ilk when he wrote F&F. I decided he probably was. His books are simply too intelligent for that not to be the case. Check out Helprin. He writes good stuff. Why is he not read more?


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