multi-platform, multi-books, too much multi-ing?

Today I did a quick count of the number of (fiction) books I’ve got on the go at the moment. There are four. One is an E-book, another is an audio book, there’s a library hardcover, and a used book-shop paperback. Three of the four are mysteries, and the fourth is an interesting surreal novel mostly about New York City in winter. I think I can give you a plot as-I-understand-it synopsis for each. I wonder how many books I can have on the go at once, and whether multi-reading, especially across delivery systems, will just make my life more spinny than ever.

I’ve also got at least two non-fiction books on the go, meaning I’ve read from them in the last week and I intend to finish them.

Hmm. I think I might be a bit rootless in my reading right now, more like tumbleweed instead of a firmly planted tree (think Psalm 1). I’m not sure why I ended up with six active books, usually I keep it to two or three. Maybe the multi-media thing contributed to me not realizing how many I’ve got in the air.

How many books do you have on the go at once? How many is too many in your experience?


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