Exciting times in reading academic articles

I am doing sermon prep for tomorrow. (Yes, I’m a preacher from time to time.) Because of the way my week currently works, the bulk of the serious sermon prep gets done on Friday and Saturday. Yesterday I did a lot of work on my (new) iPad, because I wanted to see what I could do with it for this kind of work. I loved being able to access journal articles via the university library system — but was disappointed in the inability of any of the pdf readers I had to adequately annotate these articles. I finally decided to purchase iAnnotate, which a friend recommended to me very highly. Love. It.

I’ve only used it for about half an hour, but iAnnotate is fantastic. This makes me excited to read all the pdfs of academic articles I’ve got lurking in my to-be-read folders. The program synchs with Dropbox pretty seamlessly as far as I can tell. (I’m also relatively new to Dropbox and all its possibilities.) And the ease of picking up tools to make notes or highlight things is great! This has also opened my eyes to the possibility that I shouldn’t only go for “free” programs on the iPad. I’m reading recommendations pretty carefully, and would prefer the ability to try something out for free, but I think I’m going to be investing in some apps to make the iPad a really good tool for writing and working.

(I gotta say that I don’t really like the WordPress app so far.)

Back to sermon prep. Psalm 105: History 101.


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