Half-way Through 2012

Six months of 2012 are over as of tonight. It is time for a little year-so-far in reading reflection. I pointed out in January that I set vague goals for the year. Of the vague goals listed in that January post, I am happy to report that I am on track with the whole at least 10 books/month thing. I’m not sure what my non-fiction ratio is at this point, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t 1/3 books. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries, and I was slowed down in the non-fiction department by a book of philosophy, specifically epistemology, that took me a long time to read. I discussed my slow speed in reading this work with the Norwegian. We decided that there are just some books that are too dense to read quickly, and that is ok. It may be frustratingly slow, but there is really nothing you can do about it. I’m done that book now, though, so maybe the non-fiction reading will pick up. We’ll see.

I’ve been reading a lot of mysteries because those are my preferred brain candy. This means that I’ve been working hard at other things, so when it comes to reading for fun, I want the brain candy. Whodunits are just the thing. I’ve discovered a new author that I like, Deborah Crombie, so I’m busy reading through her back list. I also found a new series by Ann Granger with a character I like a lot, Fran Varady, so I plan to find more from that series. I’ll probably find some science fiction for the summer as well. I’ve got some in my to-be-read piles but they haven’t quite made it into the Read-Right-Now pile.

In my head there are a few books I want to read: IQ84, The Help, Light in August, and a few others that are a bit more literary. I imagine I’ll run out of patience for the mysteries sometime in the next month and need something a little more substantial then.

In the non-fiction department, I’ve got lots to choose from. Of course I’ve got my rotating theological reading for my hour in the morning with coffee. I think I should probably rotate a memoir or so into my relaxing reading pile. Plus I’ve got a book to help me figure out how to be a better introvert, and one to officially discover my strengths with a trademarked and pass-coded method.

The book that has stuck with me the most so far this year is A Scientific Romance by Ronald Wright. I think that I’ll probably finally read The Time Machine because of Wright, plus another book on time and theology that Wright referenced in A Scientific Romance. It is always interesting when reading a novel to find a reference to an obscure book that you have in your to-be-read pile. Does it mean I am interested in time and time travel on multiple levels? Or is it just odd?

What is on your summer reading list? And what is your book of the year so far?


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