Hunger Games (again)

I finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy last week. I am still pondering. One friend liked “the strong female lead.” I’m not as convinced that Katniss is a strong female lead. She is certainly a female and a lead character. But other characters are constantly playing her. I am not sure she is a great character even though she overcomes the adults using her as a pawn. Peseta has more moral fibre and courage in many ways. He knows what he wants and Katniss doesn’t. Is this the kind of female lead we want in young adult novels?

I haven’t yet seen the movie, but soon. I am also in the middle of some interesting discussions about HG with teens and young adults. There will be more to say on this.

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  1. Andrea R

    I read the HG to keep up with the 11-12 y/o I hang out with. She loved the series and we had a few interesting discussions about the books in the weeks we were both reading them. I didn’t like Katniss either. She was too self-absorbed…but then maybe that feeds into the (post-modern?) “everyone’s out to get me” mentality?

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