Books About Books!

Another list while I’m at camp! This one is a list of books about books. I like books about books a lot. In a quick read through this list I spotted some favourites:

The “Thursday Next” series by Jasper Fforde. If you haven’t tried these go immediately to your nearest library and read them. They are very funny. The books are set in an alternate universe in which one can enter bookworlds, and travel in time. What more could one ask for? Right. A pet Dodo bird.

The Polysylabic Spree  by Nick Hornby. This collection of essays by Hornby on what he is reading is great fun. It got me reading Robert Harris (who is also Hornby’s brother-in-law).

Possession by A.S. Byatt. Best Book Ever. I’ve said that before around here.

I did spot a book on that list that I didn’t like. The Club Dumas by Arturo Perez-Reverte. Not very good I thought. Possibly it was the translation. The ending just didn’t hold water. At. All.

There are loads of books on that list I haven’t read and look forward to. Any I should start with?



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4 responses to “Books About Books!

  1. The Constant Reader

    The Book Thief, or 84 Charing Cross Road, or ooooh The Book of Lost Things, or The Guernsey Literary Et Cetera This Title’s Too Dang Long, or The Thirteenth Tale, or Ella Minnow Pea…. there are a lot of really good books on that list.

  2. I second you motion to go out and read every Jasper Fforde ever, he is comedy gold

  3. Zen

    I love the Thursday Next books! I’m slowly making my way through them, but I’m finding each one more enjoyable than the last. There’s also Fahrenheit 451, Inkheart, The Book of Lost Things and The City of Dreaming Books.

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