Annoying Plot Devices

I am currently reading the fourth book in a popular YA Fantasy series. It is overwritten (scenes far longer than needed, too much detail in descriptions, particularly in fight scenes) plus it uses some plot devices that should be illegal. It is driving me a bit crazy. The plot/suspense devices that I think should be outlawed include:
1. Killing off a character only to have the person miraculously survive.
2. Ending a chapter on a cliffhanger, then resolving the tension immediately in the next chapter. There is no need for a chapter break if the story continues from the same point in the action and from the same point of view. This is only a poor attempt at creating suspense.
3. Creating “suspense” by hiding things in plain view. If the point of view character has an idea it is cheating not to disclose that idea to the reader, especially if you show the character telling others the idea/plan but don’t reveal it to the audience. More fake suspense.
Thoughts? Things that drive you crazy that should be illegal?


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