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Here is an interesting reflection on books watched by characters on TV shows. I am not a Gilmore Girls watcher, so I didn’t know books played such a prominent role in the show. I watched LOST, and was interested in the books Sawyer read and how these played into the plots of the show. Do any of these lists ring any bells for you?

I probably have more to say about the Gilmore Girls list as it seems impossibly long. Possibly people closer to high school can comment. Is this  list doable? Can one read so many books, with such density of content during high school? Do tell. I am interested in your thinking on this.



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3 responses to “Books on TV

  1. The Constant Reader

    I say it’s doable. I’ve read 91 books on the Gilmore Girls list, and I read an awful lot of them between grade nine and second-year uni — and some long before (note the children’s books: Dr Seuss, Frank L Baum, Louisa May Alcott, etc.). Note also that GG went on long enough to see Rory graduate from Yale (I’m pretty sure; I missed the last season or two), and 250 books over eight years is extremely doable.

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