Graphic Novels – a little help required

I ran across a list of 25 graphic novels that are basic to the genre – or so the author of the list claims. Do you read graphic novels? If so do you agree that this is a list that provides a novice to the genre (me) with some good places to start? I have read two (2) graphic novels this year, but both were adaptations from previously published novels. I am looking to read an original, not an adaptation. Please make comments if you have recommendations.
In my youth I did read comics. My RA-bro and I had this great spot to hang out at our aunt’s house and we kept our comic books there. It was in her basement, the former coal cellar, and it was an awesome place to sit and read comics and play complicated card games like War. We were devastated when it flooded and we lost our comics. I think that there must be some distinguishing characteristic that makes graphic novels more than comic books, but I am not clear what that is. Make comments if you can help me with that distinction.

In other news, the Canadian Olympic commentators have grammatical issues. They don’t get adverbs. Often heard today “she finished strong,” or some similar phrase. It should be “she finished strongly.” Of course one could say it was a strong finish. And now I am finished my grammatical rant.


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3 responses to “Graphic Novels – a little help required

  1. Andrea

    I read the list, and it seems to be the lit fictional list. I haven’t heard of many of them so I can’t say if they are good or not, but I did have a few thoughts.

    1. Read all of the sandman by Neil Gaiman. It is wonderful and worth it. Keep reading past the first volume. it shifts there in case you worry about it.

    2. From Hell is long, weird, and I thought it was kind of boring. I had to force myself to read it. I almost stopped a bunch of times. Read Alan Moore’s a league of extraordinary gentlemen & his Swamp Thing run instead. Way less tedious and odd. Promethia is a big huge bucket o’ weird. Try at your own risk.

    3. I don’t know why there are no superheroes on this list. Unfortunately, I don’t tend to read them bc I don’t know the backstory. This means I don’t really have many recommendations. Batman’s Arkham Asylum was really good, and the Long December, I think too. There is one about batman dying by Neil Gaiman that was really good too.

    3. The fables by bill Willingham. So good. And also lots of fun.

    4. Maus is good, but depressing. It is about the holocaust, after all.

    5. Strangers in Paradise was good.

  2. Andrea

    A contract with god was really good! I enjoyed it.

    I vaguely tried to read Osamu Tezuka’s Buddha. His other stuff was more interesting to me.

  3. Andrea

    I’ve read bits of Hernandez’s work, and I really want to read Palomar. It should be good.

    Another recommendation: Queen &Country by Greg Rucka. Very good spy stories. And Rucka wrote a murder mystery based in the Antarctic that was phenomenal.

    I hope this gives you something to start with. The library should have most, if not all, of these books.

    Oh, and the movie version of a league of extraordinary gentleman is considered to be one of the worst butcherings of a comic book ever. So, don’t let the movie fool you. The book is great.

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