Planning to read

A couple of years ago I realized that I needed to build time to read theology into my schedule. Here is a blog post about that idea. Armstrong says some good things about planning. Let me add a few things after two years of planning to read.
1. Armstrong talks about time to read anything. I have set up a time to read theology. I read other things at other times during the day.
2. I have a preferred time to do this reading (an hour with coffee in the morning), but I have learned to be flexible. Right now, the Olympics are on. This means I am reading theology on the streetcar where I can’t stream live events. I have learned to bend with circumstances so that the reading gets done even when not at home, or when distractions arise.
3. I have found some books easy to read and others very difficult. So far I’ve just pushed through the hard books. I think I need to stop reading some books, not because they are difficult, but because they are not good enough to spend time and effort on. I haven’t figured this out completely yet. Any suggestions on criteria for quitting a book?
When do you read? What does your plan look like?


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  1. Andrea

    I put a book down when I realize that any time spent reading it could be better spent doing anything else. Like reading any other book in the world. Or cleaning. That is the kiss of death.

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