Victorian Novels

I’ve read Jane Austen, but I’m pretty sure her books are not Victorian Novels. I’m not actually sure I have ever read a real Victorian Novel. Oh wait. I did read Silas Marner. I do have some Victorian Novels on my to be read pile/shelf/mountain. North and SouthMiddlemarch, and someday I will read Dickens. I’ve read A Christmas Carol, but that is more a novella than a Novel-with-a-capital-N. And when I do pick up Trollope or Dickens or Elliot, this guide will help. I’m sure it will. Really.



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5 responses to “Victorian Novels

  1. Alice

    Austen is definitely pre-Victorian. I highly recommend Trollope’s Barchester Towers (will lend if you like) — it’s one I keep coming back to.

  2. Read “The Warden” by Trollope!!!

  3. Did you like Silas Marner? I just finished that recently.

    • It was ok. I got stuck for a little while in the middle. It has been a while since I read it, and I didn’t like it well enough to go back to. I think it was interesting, and had interesting characters.

  4. Alice

    Barchester Towers is a sequel to The Warden, but stands alone very well. They’re both lovely.

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