Literary indigestion

You know how sometimes you have a craving for food that you know in your head isn’t that good, and is terrible for you? Maybe KFC is an example, or you might have another. Then you give into the craving and regret it. Blech. There was the promise of a treat but the indigestion makes the whole thing just not worth it. And you hope you remember this well enough to resist in the future.
I have that kind of thing going with Tom Clancy novels. As noted in my previous post I got sucked into re-reading Rainbow Six because of the Olympic tie-in. Like most Clancy books R6 is badly overwritten, and thus needs at least a good edit. It is also full of boring internal dialogue in which Clancy basically preaches to his readers. The message in this particular version of the sermon is terrorists are dumb, soldiers are smart family men, and environmentalists are crazy crazy people.
I decided I was done with new Clancy books after the first post 9-11 book, The Teeth of the Tiger. Now I also think I am done with old Clancy books too. I thought maybe there was something to examine in the version of Catholicism portrayed in the books, but I feel like that any writing about Clancy books might be the literary equivalent of Fast Food Nation or whatever that book is called.
I like spy thrillers though. Any suggestions for some more literary attempts at this genre?


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  1. I have some I can send your way. Not well-known names, but I found them interesting!

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