Liebster Award; or, Chain Mail for Bloggers

It is kinda cool when people you don’t know read your blog. So it is gratifying that a book-lover in India nominated me for this Liebster Award thingy for bloggers with fewer than 200 followers. Thanks Disquisitive Writer. I appreciate your support. And get a black iPad, they look best.

But really, as another recipient of the award pointed out, this is like chain mail for blogs since part of receiving the award means one should nominate others for the award. Now the rules vary depending where you look. The rules the Disquisitive Writer who nominated me posted ask that I nominate 11 others. The rules I’ve seen elsewhere on other recently nominated blogs ask the award recipient to nominate 5 others. What is one to do? I’m going with 3 others. Why? Because they are the blogs I read regularly. My nominees are Necessary UrbanThe Lonely Disciple, and The Mrs. If you guys have more than 200 followers, oops, my bad.

The rules the Disquisitive Writer also included 11 questions for me to answer. I’ll do my best, but there are never guarantees with this question thing.

Q1. What is your favourite book of all time? Possession. I’ve said this a few times in this space.

Q2. Which is your favourite post from your own blog till date and why? Hmm. I think I’ll have to go with the one MBro asked me to write.

Q3. You’re meeting your girlfriend/boyfriend’s parents for the first time. What do you say or do to break the ice? Sorry, no idea, I’ve never actually been in this situation.

Q4. You are 100% free from work and other shackles for today. How would you like to spend your day? (in couple of sentences at most) Read. And drink coffee.

Q5. Have you ever read a book that challenged your intellect? Which one and how was it challenging? Many. My current intellectually stimulating read is The New Testament and the People of God written by N.T. Wright and dedicated to everyone’s favourite campus chaplain.

Q6. Mention one of your obsessive compulsive habits that you’ve ever had. (like climbing stairs two steps at a time.. come on, everybody HAS something) Can’t think of anything, probably because I don’t see it as obsessive, but as normal. Someone else would have to tell me it is obsessive.

Q7. One thing that you have always been really good at. Reading.

Q8. One thing that you have always been really bad at. Most sports or crafts that involve fine motor skills.

Q9. What did you want to become when you were little and what have you become? Is it the same? An aerospace engineer. Yes, I did get that degree, but now I’ve moved on to other things.

Q10. One thing that you would love to procrastinate forever, if it was so possible. You mean something I want to always postpone doing or something I would like to last forever? I take it to mean something I want to permanently postpone. Nothing that I can think of.

Q11. Favourite age at which you could go back and live it again. Ages ending in 7. 17, 27, etc. Hey, I’m in a 7 year right now. Cool.

I won’t leave 11 questions for my nominees, but will ask them, should they decide to participate, to give the world 11 random facts about themselves.


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