Writing Tips

I’ve been collecting some writing tips over the last week or so. The Olympics now being over, it is time to return to regularly scheduled work. Also, the second new year, September, is coming quickly. My fall schedule needs to include time for writing. With that in mind, here are three posts that I found interesting:

1. Advice from Mr. GenX himself, Douglas Coupland. Here Coupland gives 25 practical pointers he wished that someone told him earlier in his career. Note that this list of pointers includes setting aside regular time for writing more than once.

2. How to Read like a Writer. This is an interesting post about reading to improve writing. I’ve done some things like this, but never with the intensity proposed in the post-it note section. I kind of like it. I use post-it notes in research, why not in writing research?

3. Plot shapes and examples. There are 21 plot shapes given here. I am not sure that the shapes of the last 3-5 go anywhere much. I think possibly more can be explained in terms of basic plot shape than is credited here, but hey, it is an interesting collection of ideas.

What are you writing?


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