More Books to Read

Here are a few more links to lists of authors and books that I’ve found over the last week or two.

1. Suggested Reading for English Teachers on Vacation. (I’ve extended the title to make it a bit more descriptive.) The list, posted by the English department of St. Columba’s College in Dublin, looks pretty interesting. It caught my eye as it includes a book I’ve been pondering at work, The Pleasures of Reading in an Age of Distraction by Alan Jacobs. The cover catches my eye every time I walk past the literature section, a section that is very close to my desk. I can’t quite see TPoR from my desk, but as soon as I stand up to walk to the front of the store, boom, there it is. The top book on the Irish list also looks interesting, though I’ve never seen it myself. Actually most of these books look interesting to me or I wouldn’t pass it on, now would I?

2. The Top 10 Women writers of fantasy, Part 1 and Part 2. I mostly know the names in part 1, but part 2 shows that I’ve just not read enough fantasy by women. Or possibly it shows that I’ve been reading other fantasy by women. Or that I read Young Adult fantasy novels by women (Rowling? Collins? Not On The List). Whatever it means, I have new authors to try.

3. Finally, three books to help one become a better reader. I’ve read other books on reading well, but none of these. Adler sits on my shelf awaiting attention. I’ve paid him some attention — I counted the number of female writers indexed in this continuously reprinted and recommended guide, and that number is zero. Zero. None. Zilch. Possibly this is one reason I haven’t read it quite yet. The other two look promising, I shall keep an eye out for them.


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