Places to live from literature

I’m apartment hunting. In honour of this task of looking for a new home, I wonder if there are places you’ve seen described in a book that you would like to live in. I know I’ve got a few. In no particular order, Places In A Book That I Wish Were Places I Could Rent in T.O.:

1. The Gryffindor dorm in Hogwarts. I don’t want to share, mind, so I don’t need all the rooms and all the beds, just the common room and a bedroom. And house elves in the kitchen, paid of course.

2. The London townhouse owned by the Aird family in September (Rosamunde Pilcher). I’d probably change the furnishings around and make sure I had a study in there, but the space sounds fantastic.

3. The house that ends up being Judith’s home in Coming Home (also Pilcher). I’d need a gardener though. I like the idea of the garden, but keeping it that way isn’t my thing. And again with moving the furniture and making sure there was a study. Possibly the little house in the garden could be a writing room.

4. The Hermit’s place in The Horse and His Boy. Because I’m a hermit. And there’s a wall around the garden.

5. Bilbo’s house in The Hobbit. No explanation needed.

6. The Magician’s house in Voyage of the Dawn Treader. There are books!

What about you? Where would you like to live?


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  1. I’ve always wanted a wardrobe that took me to Narnia. Or any of the old houses in the Kate Morton books.

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