Garage Sale Tales & Other Monday Musings

I didn’t sell as many books as I hoped at the garage sale. But I’m down 3+ boxes, which is better than being down none at all. It wasn’t as hard to sell the books and other things as I thought it would be — though I must admit to pricing some glasses high when I didn’t want them to go. The item I really wanted to get rid of didn’t sell. It is a decorative plate that some of my friends have described as evil because it is so very ugly and tasteless. But this is a blog about reading books, not about kitschy things I’ve been given and can’t get rid of.

Because of the sale and the Great Apartment Hunt I’ve not been doing as much reading as usual. I finished 1Q84 last night, and, to my horror, found it was the first book I’d actually finished in September. Have you read 1Q84? You should. It is thick and intimidating, but really interesting. There are lots of references to other books in it, 1984 of course, but others as well. One of the main characters is a writer and he reads a lot.

I’ve not quite finished Outlander which I mentioned in my last Current Reading post. I cannot recommend the book at all. It has no apparent plot and the characters rush around being punished, being tortured, or having sex. That is all that happens. There are no interesting musings about time travel. The book is pointless, unless you want to read about people being punished, tortured and etc. The interesting bits about the time and how to live and survive are all avoided. The time traveller is not shocked by all the injuries that result from the punishment and torture because she was a nurse in a field hospital in WW2. The plot appeared to be about Claire (the time traveller) getting back to her own time, but then that changed, and now I’m not sure where it is all going. So not recommended at all. How did this become a NYTimes bestseller and have a series that followed? Most odd.

How is your reading going for the month of change that is September?


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