Listening to a Writer

I seldom go to author’s events. I don’t really pay attention to when literary persons might be appearing in a venue near me, nor am I very fond of crowds or the slightly stalkerish feel I perceive these events to have. This blog is, however, being written as I sit in a public library event space waiting for an Author Event to begin.
At thirty minutes before the event starts, the room is filling and there is a crowd buzz. The conversations around me are quite interesting. Authors behind me are talking of the price of sending in mss and the unreadability of self-published material and the uselessness of Twitter.
Now in the post-event mental buzz. The Author featured this evening was Val McDermid. I got her to sign my copy of Killing The Shadows, my favourite (so far) of her books. McDermid is an excellent public speaker, and a fantastic story-teller, and very funny as well. Not all authors are either of these. McDermid’s stories and wit made for a very pleasant hour and a bit. Though I have done a book launch and a panel discussion in support of a publication (Let Her Speak for Herself), I think doing endless events in different cities would get pretty tiresome after a while.
How about you? Do you like going and meeting authors or would you rather let their books speak for them and not be disappointed by how they look or sound?


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  1. I just went and saw Martin Amis at the Toronto Reference Library where he discussed his new book Lionel Asbo. He signed it. There’s a funny story about that. I was discussing with some friends how I don’t like an author, who doesn’t know me, sign a book “To Ian Clary…” It seems fake. So when Amis asked me, “Who should I sign this to?” I replied, “I’m content with just your John Hancock.” So he signed the book, “To John Hancock” and then he put his signature. I got a chuckle out of that.

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