One Year Later

I published my first post on this blog 22 October, 2011, thus this is the last post of the current blogging year. I am pleased to note that the year has brought 4,782 hits to the blog, and 54 people who signed up to get an email when I post. This means some people read what I write. This is good. It is also a little frightening.

I started blogging for a few reasons, the primary one being to help me be more intentional and disciplined about writing. I’ve been writing intentionally, but I don’t know if it is always disciplined writing. What I post are essentially first drafts, which I then sometimes edit after I re-read them weeks later, or after someone notes errors in the comments. “Essentially first drafts” means I edit as I type — I’ve re-written the first two sentences in this paragraph two or three times already — but I don’t read the whole, or let it sit before I post. I’m not sure whether this is common blogging practice, or whether I’m a crazy person, or if I should stop with the first drafts and write somewhere else then cut and paste.

I’m still in the process of moving, which means that posts this week may be filled with the joys of packing books, the joys of unpacking books, the technical details of bookshelf placement, and how to tell when you have too many books. But can you ever have too many books? And on that note, I am off to continue cleaning in my new space. A rabbit used to live there. It left some little presents in some corners. Isn’t that nice?


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  1. Retread this and edited a really badly formed sentence, which resulted from the on the fly editing practice I describe above. Really should write and edit more carefully.

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