Arranging Books

The move is complete in the sense that nothing of mine is at the old place, and everything of mine is at the new place and I only have keys to this new place, so it must be home. My bookcases are now all assembled. Many of them have many books on the shelves. I’m trying to arrange books as I go, but also feel need to get rid of boxes and just dump books on any old shelf.

Sometimes organizing books is a lot of fun, but other times it is a slow and painstaking process. Should all my C.S. Lewis books go together? Or should the theological essays go in theology and the children’s books with all the other children’s books. (Yes, I have two shelves of children’s lit. No, I have not got any children or nieces or nephews.) I have a section called (in my head) “The Women.” Should women’s biographies go there too, or should they be with all the other bios? So many questions, so little shelf-space.

How do you organize your books? Size? Colour? Genre? Author?  


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  1. I begin mine with the languages, then move to OT studies, then NT. After that I follow the order of the 1689 Confession of faith. Then to history, starting with general works on history, then it goes chronologically. After that philosophy, ordered by discipline. For literature, I go alphabetical by author. Some authors I’ll split into different categories, but others (like Orwell) I keep together because I collect them and like to see how the collection is progressing.

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