Reading on the bus

I’ve moved. This means I take different buses to work now. This evening I took only buses home from work. This meant I got to sit and read my book for an hour after work. I find this pretty relaxing, so I think that the only-bus on the way home thing is going to happen regularly, especially when the two buses vs. subway and bus option take about the same time. This may seem unreasonable, but the reason is in the transfer time between vehicles. The subway plus bus option generally means a long wait for a bus that will actually go past my house. I like reading on the bus, and the non-crowded state of the two buses I took today meant that was possible. It isn’t always.

Today I read more of Cryptonomicon on the bus. I am now getting pretty close to the end of this mammoth novel, so I will not belabour it too many more days. Keep in mind that I’ve been packing/moving/unpacking while reading it, so this hasn’t left a whole lot of time for the book. I’ve been listening to audio books during the move, which has been pleasant. I enjoyed In the Bleak Mid-Winter by Julia Spencer-Fleming, and will hunt down more Spencer-Fleming works. I’m now listening to A Pale Horse by Charles Todd. I’m enjoying that as well and will look for more of Mr. Todd’s works.

Of course, reading gets shelved for the whole NaNoWriMo thing. You can listen to audio books while moving, but not while writing.

How is your NaNoWriMo going?


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