More on Book Arrangements

I wrote a post about arranging my books after my move a couple of weeks ago. I’m almost done arranging my books now, though the books on the shelves in my bedroom are still not quite there, and neither is the bookcase by the phone. I’ll work on those two tomorrow. I think the organization of my books makes perfect sense, but I realize it is full of quirks because of my particular collection of books and my current shelving situation. I’ve arranged the books by categories and sub-categories, then generally by author within the sub-categories. My categories and sub-categories make sense to me, but not everyone is going to have a section of books about the resurrection shelved in theology, just after the books on Christology. In the history section (my friend the Libertarian will be happy to see that I have a history section) some subsections are alphabetical by author, but others are arranged chronologically. One set of shelves that I have to work on tomorrow contains biographies. These will be arranged by subject, not by author. Of course in the case of autobiographies the subject and author are the same.

Other people have also been talking about arranging books on shelves recently. Do you have anything to add?


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  1. Andrea R

    I think this post should be accompanied with photographs. Let’s SEE your book collection! 😉

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