One more discovered author and two other significant authors of 2012

The other day I wrote about three authors I discovered this year. Today I want to talk about three more authors, one of whom was a new discovery, one a re-discovery, and one whose backlist I finished reading.

1. Deborah Crombie. I discovered Crombie’s books this year when I started taking ebooks out of the library on my iPad. I like her mysteries a lot. I read five of them in very quick succession in June. I think I need to go back to more Deborah Crombie for December.

2. Ann Granger. Granger is a re-discovery. I’d read one of her books ages ago and thought it was ok, but didn’t really follow up on reading more of her work. In the spring, a friend of mind passed me a large shopping bag full of books. I reciprocated the favour. Our public library system was on strike for a few days, so we were helping each other through this crisis. My friend had quite a few Granger books in that shopping bag, and I found I quite liked Granger’s mysteries. There was one in the pile with Fran Varady. I am going to follow up on that series in December.

3. C.J. Sansom. I finished reading Sansom’s Matthew Shardlake mysteries. I quite enjoyed these books. They were part of my Henry VIII and Tudor England run in the spring. I hope Shardlake shows up in another book soon. I will read other books by Sansom, I just haven’t tracked any down as yet. Maybe I’ll put them on my Christmas list.

Whose backlist did you finish this year?


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3 responses to “One more discovered author and two other significant authors of 2012

  1. Rachel

    Ooo – thanks for the mystery author leads – I’m going to be trying some of these with cocoa now that the snow is deep…

  2. Love Shardlake, discovered C.J.Sansom 2 years ago while browsing books at Heathrow. Introduce my family (men) to them and they are now hooked. I believe he will have a new Shardlake out soon, possibly called Dominion?

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