Winter Reading: Hot Chocolate and Harry Potter

I’ve mentioned comfort reads before in this blog. I’ve got a few books that I re-read when I need something familiar and comforting to escape into. These books have to withstand re-reading, that is, they must invite good reading, and they should have an element of the nice unreality of stories about them. By “the nice unreality of stories” I mean that comfort reads should be the sort of book where people who should be together end up together and good wins out over evil. There are precious few books that meet these criteria, that both invite good reading and have happy endings. The Harry Potter series is, happily, among the few.

I find Potter good winter reading. When a nice winter storm comes up (not that any have so far this winter) I usually say to my friend the Street Pastor, “It is time for hot chocolate and Harry Potter.” That particular combination seems to go well together. Why? I’m not sure. Possibly because much of the action in the Potter books occurs during the school year, a cold time of year. Possibly because chocolate is a cure for Dementor encounters. Possibly because hot chocolate is the ultimate comfort drink, and pairing the ultimate comfort drink with the ultimate comfort read makes sense. I’m not quite sure why the two always go together in my head, but they do. Hot Chocolate and Harry Potter. The combination are my ideal week off in the winter.

How about you? Do you have any particular comfort food or drink and reading pairings for the coming cold(er) months?


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