Books I’ve gotten for Christmas (so far)

Yes, it is early to receive Christmas presents. Keep in mind, though, that Thursday the 6th was St. Nicholas day and in some places it is traditional to get presents then. We’ve already had the bookshop Christmas party. Since it is a bookshop, we all got (surprise!) books! We also got other silly things such as led lights rings which we promptly tried to turn into light sabres because we’re geeks. But this post is about the books. These are the books I got for Christmas so far, including the ones I bought with the bookshop gift card.

1. How to Write a Sentence by Stanley Fish. So exciting. This is a book about really good sentences and how to write them. Nothing could be more perfect. I’m really looking forward to this one.

2. Jesus and the Victory of God by N.T. Wright. Now the three books (of a projected 5) of Wright’s major  contribution to NT scholarship sit in a row on my shelf. I read The New Testament and the People of God earlier this year. I was going to jump directly to The Resurrection of the Son of God, but the previews for Jesus in TNTatPoG were rather intriguing. So I got it. Hurrah for gift cards. I will read it shortly after Christmas.

3. Rag and Bone: A Journey among the World’s Holy Dead by Peter Manseau. I receive inventory into stock. This came in and looked intriguing. I am looking forward to an interesting read about the saints and their relics.

What is on your Christmas wish list?



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4 responses to “Books I’ve gotten for Christmas (so far)

  1. I enjoyed How to Write a Sentence by Stanley Fish a lot!! Good gift there, whoever gave it to you! 🙂

  2. In terms of books, mostly a whoooooole lot of Terry Pratchett novels.

    Have you been introduced to the Discworld series yet? If not I have some recommendations for you (and my family has most of the books).

    • Where should I start with Discworld? I keep getting different answers.

      • I’d probably start with Nightwatch, Going Postal, or The Wee Free Men. Skip any book to do with Rincewind (ie don’t read The Colour of Magic and a couple of others) as they’re not very good compared to the rest of them. From there you can basically read them in any order, as they are generally contiguous but also stand alone very well.

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