I work in retail, in a bookshop. This means that Christmas music plays continually in the store from the first week of December. Mercifully I’m only there 4 days a week; however, I sit under one of the sound system speakers. I notice when songs are played again and again. I notice that there are days when it seems like the radio station plays only their selections for the Worst Versions of Christmas Songs Ever. And by today, December 21, I am Not Interested in hearing any of their Christmas music any longer. At first we joked and made predictions for the song of the day. (Example: “Holly Jolly Christmas,” 4 times by 5 o’clock.) Now we just make snide remarks about the versions and singing ability of some soloists.

I have to tell you that my least favourite of all the Christmas songs ever is “Santa Baby” first recorded in 1953 or so. Ick. I quite like the carol “O Holy Night” but am afraid that there are some particularly terrible versions of this floating around out there, that feature aging sopranos missing their notes.

What about you? What Christmas song do you hate? What song do you like, but hate to hear massacred in the various recorded versions?



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5 responses to “Humbug!

  1. The cable at work has a bunch of music channels on it. I play the English Christmas Music channel until I get sick of Santa Baby, and then I switch to the French channel until I’m sick of Petit Papa Noel.

    Unfortunately, both stations play Little Drummer Boy / L’enfant au tambour.

  2. The Christmas Market in the Distillery had the habit of playing very loud music during the day, on repeat. It was fine at night when the hordes descended on us, but when it was empty during the day, the music was unbearably loud.

  3. Nancy

    Having worked retail for many years, I can’t bear to hear the song “I want a hippopotamus for Christmas”. I think it was played on the hour.

  4. Anna

    For me its the dumb drummer boy and his drilling it on a drum! I still am trying to figure out why this song is popular among Bible believing people!!! May I also add that this year I heard a song several times, I don’t know the title. But the lyrics are “Santa forever, never say never!” that alone is annoying

  5. Rachel

    I’m with you on “Santa Baby” – gag. And “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” gives me the creeps – like, why is it cute to wear a girl down? The Christmas music season lasted way too long this year… I’m going to keep listening to Advent music in my private life for a couple more days, then get all the choral Christmas stuff out next week. That’s the only way to get “Lo, How a Rose E’er Blooming”.

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