Seventh Day: Reading Resolutions

I keep a reading journal with brief notes on books read. This is the twentieth January 1 I’ve looked back over my reading from the previous year and made reading resolutions. Here is a brief summary:

Numbers from 2012: 105 books read, that is 8.75 books/month and 2.02 books/week. 85 books were fiction, 20 non-fiction. The most common kind of fiction read in 2012: mysteries. In April I read 14 books, the highest number for any month.

Resolutions for 2013: 10 books/month, or 120 for the year. This is my standard benchmark, though I’ve missed it for the past three years. Also, increase percentage of non-fiction (move up from 19% in 2012) and read one old book for every two new books. My definition of “old book” means one published before 1970. Why that year? I don’t remember much before that, and older books are meant to give me access to ideas and times you don’t have access to yourself. That is my reason for reading older books (as well as books by people not like me).

What are your reading resolutions?


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