Tenth Day: LOST in a good book

I’ve been re-watching LOST because MBro got me seasons 3 & 4 for Christmas. I knew from previous voyages with these characters that there are a lot of book references in the show, but I’d forgotten just how many. To top it off, I realized last night that many of the books referenced on LOST meet my criteria for old books! I can just jump into the LOST reading list if I am at a loss.

Now there are many lists of books referenced on LOST. So far I’ve noticed explicit references to Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, and Watership Down. Alice meets my old book criteria, but Watership Down just misses it. Oh well, there are other references that make the cut, not the least of which is Our Mutual Friend.

I think I’ve just figured out at least part of my winter reading list. In addition to Christmas books of course. I will not neglect those.


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