Eleventh Day: Revisiting Emily

Happily I have been discovering old books all around me after my reading resolution to read one old book for every two new books. I’ve been meaning to re-read Emily of New Moon and sequels for some time. Hey, I thought in a moment of brilliant inspiration earlier this week, the Emily books count as old! I decided not to wait for another new book, but to jump right into the sea of Emily, and am glad I did. I forgot about L.M. Montgomery’s recreation of an 11-year-old girl’s phonetic spelling in her journals and letters to her dead father. Very nice. I’m also enjoying the odd aunts and the description of school-yard politics. The dynamics of school-yard politics have not changed much in the 90 years since Emily first saw the light of day. This is interesting. Have others found the same thing when reading Montgomery? Does she capture some of the politics of female friendships at school in her books accurately? Or do movie-makers just use Anne and Emily so that we think Montgomery is accurate? Hmm. Points to ponder.


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