Christmas in January

Today I took myself off to a Large Book Retailer as I had a lovely gift card given to my by the Street Pastor at Christmas. With the lovely gift card I got some lovely books to add to my Christmas Reading Pile. I got Great Expectations by Charles Dickens and Barchester Towers by Anthony Trollope, both in support of my Reading Old Books campaign in 2013. I also got Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, because Gibson is generally brilliant and I’ve been looking for that one. Finally, I caved to the pull of a large epic in the winter and got Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. More books! Very exciting.

Since I’m generally having an afternoon off, I am now going to put down my computer, sip my freshly brewed decaf cinnamon coffee, and begin The Casual Vacancy. I will report on J.K. Rowling’s adult fiction soon.


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