An Internet Reading List

I’ve found some interesting bits on the interwebs this week.

1. A blog post about flow and academic writing. My main issue with this piece is how to get into the “flow” state. I’ve been there, but it has been a while. I’ve been thinking my working environments have been too noisy as late, but I may also be a bit hypersensitive to sound. Maybe.

2. Some notes on boosting creative thinking. I particularly like the point that if one is to use the daydreaming/napping methods of ruminating on something, one must have done some work to have something to chew on. One cannot ruminate without grazing. If one puts an empty pot on the back burner to simmer, one ends up with a scorched pot and a big mess. I think the over-abundance of analogies in this case should now cease.

3. Just in case you hadn’t heard, the internet influences the way our brain works. It is unclear whether this is good or bad. There seem to be both pros and cons for the native digital generation. I wonder how we can help people navigate without their phones? That seems a bad thing. But then, I’m good at directions and finding my way. Others are not.

4. In other brain-related news, Scientific American Mind has a new website and blog. True confessions: I’m sort of an amateur neuroscience junkie. Just in case you hadn’t figured that out from this set of posts.

5. Back to books. I found some really cool photos of poetry using book titles. If you click on nothing else, check this out. It will make you smile and go look for the poetry on your own shelves.



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2 responses to “An Internet Reading List

  1. I like those book poems.

    Recently we’ve been playing scrabble and I’ve been trying to make poems out of the words on the board at the end of the game. It’s pretty fun.

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